With guests on the way, there’s so much to do to make sure you’re ready for their arrival. In fact, there’s too much. So, we’ve tried to cover some of the basics below with this 8 point checklist. There’s likely more we didn’t cover (so sorry), but perhaps there’s one or two things we’ve included that you may have overlooked…

Number 1

Get cracking on the basics and the essentials. That means it’s time to upgrade the old guest towels and bath mats (yeah, those ones you sometimes use to dry the dog) to something worthy of your incoming visitors. Go with something that’s a different colour to your own towels, so everyone knows whos is whos. It also means sorting out your storage situation. Do you have hooks and hangers ready for coats and bags? Is there enough space on your shoe-rack for an extra few sets? Are the cupboards somewhat empty and looking spacious?

Number 2

Here’s a fun little test. Spend a night in your guest bedroom and see how it’s all functioning. Are there extra doonas or throws at the ready if the evening weather takes a turn? Is the A/C making a funny noise or is the fan spitting out dust bunnies? Take note of everything that’s not working and get those sorted quick smart.

Number 3

Make sure the bed has been stripped, and all bedding washed well in advance. There’s nothing worse than presenting your in-laws with damp sheets that were washed last minute and haven’t had time to dry. Yikes.

Number 4

Mini toiletries are never a bad idea and a pleasant surprise to those who don’t travel with their entire bathroom kit… or left them at home even though they were prepared and had it on a to-pack checklist or their significant other had reminded them 7 times not to forget it. At the very least provide a fresh bottle of hand soap.

Number 5

Sort out the dang guest bathroom. If there’s a weird pink rim forming around the sink’s drain, the heating light has blown, or there’s a dead-looking toothbrush resting in a tumbler, then dedicate a good hour or two to get the room up to scratch. And whilst you’re in here tidying things up, double check you’re stocked up on loo-roll (and a toilet roll holder to store it). There’s nothing more embarrassing for your guests than them find themselves having to yell out from the bathroom, “Could somebody please grab me some toilet paper?”

Number 6

GET A SPARE KEY! This is, of course, assuming you fully trust your guests and are happy for them to carry access to your abode.

Number 7

Write down the Wi-Fi password so you don’t have to rack your brain to remember the 82nd iteration of your go-to password. Was it seven dollar signs, or eight?

The Gingko smart diffuser and lamp styled on the Kristina Dam Studio curved side table

Number 8

And finally, the homely touches. You want your guests to feel at home, right? Then invest in a some unexpected, but comforting pieces to make your space feel more welcoming. It might be a portable lamp, a carafe and glass on the bedside, or a few sticks of your favourite incense at the ready. Oh, and before we forget – chargers and phone cables, your guests will thank you later.