Is your workspace looking a little sad? Desktop covered in nonsense, dead indoor plants weeping by the window, mountains of unfiled paperwork casting large, dark shadows… don’t worry, you’ve clicked on the right article. We’re all friends here; we’ve sat where you’ve sat, worked amongst the mess, stared at the uninspiring wasteland we dared call a workspace.

Ok ok, enough of the melodrama. You came looking for inspiration, direction, and the answer to the age-old question: “How do I make my home office something I actually want to work in, and not somewhere that induces mass anxiety and panic?” Well, we have 3 very simple, easy to implement, tips to get you on your way.


A place for everything, and everything in its place. Heard that one? It certainly rings true, particularly when it comes to the home office. Keeping a level of organisation is key to maintaining a productive workspace.

Of course, we understand things build up. And it’s impossible to keep everything neat and tidy at all times. That’s fine, no worries, no judgement. But, in the moments of messy, take note of what’s not where it should be. Figure out your messy habits and introduce a counter, something to reign in the madness. Paperclips everywhere? Sort them out with a small jar or tray. Tatty cardboard tissue boxes? Hide it away with a tissue box cover. Crumpled balls of paper? Toss them into a wastepaper bin.


Having something nice to stare at when you’re feeling the burn out is never a bad thing. In fact, it might just be the thing that gets your head back in the game, the creative juices flowing, and the wheels turning.

Now, we’ve always advocated on selecting art based purely on YOUR OWN personal taste, aesthetic, and feel, rather than following trends. AND WE STAND BY THIS. You should only ever pick a print, poster, canvas, or artwork, that resonates with you, one hundred percent of the time.

So after saying that, you can incorporate strategy into the artwork you choose to place in your home office, depending on the mood you’re hoping to create. For example, are you after a piece that provokes thought, inspiration, and creativity? Maybe consider an abstract print, in a warm colour tone, with plenty going on for your eyes to digest. Alternatively, if you’re in serious need of a chill pill, and work is a little stressy stressy, perhaps go with something a little cooler, more romantic, and flowy. A nice landscape, florals, a nice tree… Done.


Who doesn’t love a gadget? Fun, futuristic, and providing some kind of convenient function, these guys are all about life-improvement. They’re also fantastic at keeping you focused and mobile, whether it be a simple time keeper, a set of speakers playing meditative music, or a tiny storage drive you can take anywhere.

We’ll segue way into office stationery here, and though technically not a gadget, it’s definitely a category with plenty of similarities. There’s rarely an office moment where a decent notebook and set of pencils isn’t incredibly handy; so invest in quality. Look for pieces that will go the distance. Ain’t nobody got time for leaky pens or thin paper.

And there you go, three areas to investigate that really pack a punch when it comes to home office set up. Focus on these and you’ll be that home office boss you always envisioned.