Bea Lambos, stylist extraordinaire, talks us through the colliding worlds of interiors and fashion, and the influence they have on one another.

They say that whatever you wear and feel great in, is the perfect way to decorate and live in your home. It has taken a pandemic to teach us, that we need comfort and beauty and simple, to cope with our incredible life and all that it throws at us. 

So, forget what you’re wearing right now for a moment and remember the good old days. The days of dressing for an occasion. The days of debuting those fresh heels, that new suit, that killer scarf that adds that next level finish to an already great outfit. 

The colours you like to wear, make you feel good. They give you confidence and in turn, they make you look great too!

These are the colours that will also make you love good. Surround yourself with these in your home and the good vibes will ultimately follow.

It’s time to choose your favourite shade. Start channelling the textures and layers. We think it’s the stuff that will make a space complex and beautiful and inevitably yours.

Welcome to #interiorsfollowfashion

Image Credit: Tendances De Mode
Image Credit: House and Garden UK

A Match Made In Designer Heaven: Pink & Green

Seriously, how many times do we need to hear the lame, “Pink and green should never be seen.”

Never underestimate those that have seen it and done it and been there before.

This one’s for the comfort lovers. The ones who love mixing the old with the old. The colour can clash and so can the fabric. 

New times. New rules. Comfort for the win.

Image Credit: Dries Van Noten
Image Credit: Ken Fulk

Layered Textures

And this texture chat is not just for the ladies. I mean, fellas are out there strutting their stuff. They’re looking beautiful and creating lounge worthy spaces in their homes. Hello David Hicks, Brendan Wong, Jeremy Bull (Alexander + Co). We salute you.

The warmth is definitely in the detail. They’re simply not afraid to use it too. Think gloss meets matte, materiality on steroids and sensations under foot. Soft is their ultimate. Loose and informal but simply perfect. It’s like texture was literally made for them.

Image Credit: Gucci
Image Credit: Behance

It’s All About Those Accessories

Warm bathroom. Unless there’s under floor heating, that two-word phrase isn’t often uttered.

So, let’s mix it up because you can still be cool, calm, and utterly collected. Be the top of your accessory game. Create an incredible sanctuary with layer upon layer.

The timber ceiling. The textured walls. The gentle colour tones that create their own statement. And the drop-dead wall light that will always make you glow. Need I go on?

Image Credit: Chanel
Image Credit: Diff Studio

Tone On Tone On Tone… On Tone

You know that friend of yours that looks impeccable? Always. From head to toe and everything in between. She is tone on tone heaven and her home is a continuation of that dreamy existence.

The lesson here is that less isn’t more. Heap the layers of colour but make them like brothers, not distant cousins. The floors, ceilings and walls are examples of the layers she adores. Predictable yes. But her additions to each room will always be measured and considered. Just like her daily good looks.

Image Credit: Maison Margiela
Image Credit: Christopher Sturnam

All Things Edgy And Cool

We finish on the hardest nut to crack. Every day is a salute to individuality. Every day, the strut is mighty, and this definitely induces the excitement of seeing them next. The theatre. The unexpectedness. The “Holy shit, look at you!” It’s a regular utterance.

And to their abode. It’s defined and strong and purposeful. This home has layers you never thought possible with tones to match. You can goo and gah all you like, just don’t crease anything while you’re at it.

And while we’re there, allow me to quietly mumble… #brownwillbeback 

Just sayin.