Hidden within the wilds of NSW is an off-the-grid getaway treat. Located in a small clearing with sweeping views to the mountain ranges, sits Mill Cabin, a space we’ve nicknamed hygge heaven.

With its connection to nature and distance from the typical urban way of life, the home provides a welcome escape for the weary, those looking to reset and reconnect with themselves.

Cabin curiosity piqued? Then join us as we politely poke our nose into this delicious slice of cosy.

Mill Cabin: Trent & Niki Fisher
Location: Crackenback, Australia
Photography: Lean Timms

The luxurious Mill Cabin is surrounded by nature, located at a high elevation of 1340 meters in the Thredbo Valley. Designed specifically for that sense of seclusions, the home takes in the humanless sights and sounds of Mt Perisher and the Crackenback Valley.

The home was conceptualised and built from scratch. Existing structures? Nothing, nonexistent, zip nada zilch. The furniture, joinery, upholstery, leather work, and concrete basin, were all crafted specifically to meet the needs of the space. Natural and raw materials that reference the scenery, were chosen to create strong connections to the surrounding landscape – a tribute as such. The result is space of calm and tranquility.

Inside the home, the feel is a mix of rustic, contemporary, and Australiana. There’s an honesty to the space; it’s not overstyled, rather considered and comforting. By taking a relaxed approach, the cabin is like a steaming cup of tea or coffee (you pick your poison) on a chilly morning – welcoming and hospitable.

There are plenty of charming moments throughout the each room that help make the cabin feel lived in. Small curiosities and objects sit atop wooden shelves, defining the sense of space and enticing wandering eyes to linger a second longer. In the kitchen, decorative vases by KRISTINA DAM STUDIO play house to native floral arrangements, whilst luxurious linens by Cultiver rest on the bed.

So, what are the practical takeaways you can use to bring a little Mill Cabin cosy into your own home? We’ll start with the obvious. Notice all the timber? Of course you do – it’s everywhere. Those warm tones and mottled textures are an instant cosy-maker, making timber the ideal go-to for easy ambience. And yeah, we know you can’t just tear up your carpet and replace with timber floorboards, but popping a timber (or even veneer) bookshelf, cabinet, or suite of dining chairs, on the shopping list is a little more realistic.

The cosy-making tips don’t stop there, and it’s the next one that really makes all the difference. Hygge flourishes amongst relaxed homely details, and as you can see, Mill Cabin is filled with them. These finishing touches range from grand textural floor rugs, right down to a simple branch displayed in a vase – things that signify a human being lives in the space. Mill Cabin go right down into the teeny tiny details, with cute lanterns by MENU, bespoke clothes hangers by Ferm LIVING, nourishing hand lotions by HUNTER LAB, and board games by PRINTWORKS.

The Mill Cabin is a gorgeous space, filled with warm textures, homely details, and cosy moments. These elements come together to create a truly hospitable experience in a luxurious setting – we’re packing our bags yesterday. You can book your own Mill Cabin getaway by giving the button below a good ol’ tap.