Seasonal Treasures, Ferm LIVING’s AW21 release, celebrates the act of hosting, and the delightful emotions that accompany. Featuring furniture, lighting, decor, and accessories, this may be Ferm LIVING’s greatest collection to date. Join us as we explore the new range.

A new season release from Ferm LIVING is always a treat. Watching the brand grow and develop its identity has been fascinating, and it’s amazing to see how far their range has come.

This AW21 season release sees a heightened sense of maturity and confidence in their newly found look and feel. Clean architectural lines, often associated with modern Danish design, have once again been replaced with soft organic shapes and curves. And we’re loving it!

AW21’s theme is finding comfort in the company of others. We create cherished memories through shared moments with loved ones, whether we prepare a homemade meal for a friend, or give them a thoughtful present.

The Autumn-Winter collection is inspired by the art of hosting and the emotions that follow. The collection includes objects suitable for gifting, as well as distinctive statement pieces for the home. Playing with colour, the collection incorporates tactile objects in earthy tones along with alluring statements in contemporary shades.

Feve Desk

With an expression that can only be described as organic, the Feve Desk is made from solid FSC-European Walnut. The name denotes its distinctive shape and comes from the French word for bean, fève. Its carved legs are shaped into elliptical shapes in order to emphasise the desk’s elegant, feminine silhouette.

In addition to its use as a desk, the Feve Desk has been designed to double as an entrance console, a make-up table or an entrance console.

Crease Wool Cushion & Rug

Inspired by the clean lines found in contemporary architecture, the Crease Wool Cushion & Rug has a soft, understated expression. The front of the cushion is handwoven from New Zealand wool, with a mix of high pile and flat woven yarn, which has been tufted for a minimalistic look.

The cushion’s edges are finished with intricate top stitching that provides it with a tactile feel. Meanwhile, Rug features asymmetrical fringes along two sides, emphasising the clean and simple design while elevating any living room.

Fountain Centrepiece

With a soft, pleated expression, the sculptural ceramic Fountain Centrepiece instantly grabs attention. The elegant shape was inspired by classical fountains, and can be filled with large flower arrangements or stand alone as an appealing addition to a table setting. Its matte exterior and clear glaze on the inside make it suitable for storing a variety of different objects.

Mineral Sculptural Table

The Mineral Sculptural Table makes a powerful impact in the home, whether used as a decorative sculpture or as a side table. Made of 100% bianco curia marble, each table is unique thanks to handcut edges. The raw, brutalist expression revealed by its T-shape, rough edges, and contrasting polished surfaces is sure to provoke conversation.

Pond Mirror

The AW21 collection sees a variation on Ferm LIVING’s iconic Pond mirror series. Now available in dark chrome, it a brings a timeless touch to its surroundings.

Using organic forms, The Pond Series combines form and beauty to create an eye-catching decorative mirror that invites open and fluid forms into the home. Sculpted edges are held in place by a slim, metal frame which can be hung in any direction.

Oyster Bowl

Originally created from an oyster shell, this elegant little bowl serves as a handy place to store small treasures and special knick knacks. Featuring a beautiful design and constructed of 100% brass, the solid metal brings out the bowl’s natural beauty.

Oyster Table Lamp

Due to its soft, lively curves, the Oyster Table Lamp has a decorative, organic shape thanks to its cast recycled aluminium construction. The texture and finish of this lamp are reminiscent of oyster shells collected at the beach.

The lamp’s organic shape contrasts beautifully with its raw surface. An impressive, sculptural piece that offers soft, cosy light, the Oyster Table Lamp elevates any room.

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