Have you met the drop dead GORGEOUS Oblique bench from Ferm LIVING? How about their DIVINE Tuck Chamomile Scented candle? Not yet? Then read on for more Ferm LIVING amazingness waiting to be discovered.

We’re not in the business of picking favourites, but just between us, Ferm LIVING is a brand that ranks high in our list of best ever Scandinavian design studios. You’re probably quite well acquainted with their range of outdoor Desert Chairs, and have likely sipped from their stunning collection of Ripple Glasses. But did you know there’s more to the brand than chairs and glassware?

We’ve popped together an edit of some of Ferm LIVING‘s very best hidden gems that truly deserve some time in the spotlight.

The Oblique Display Bench

Is it a bench? Is it a display plinth? Is it a day bed? These are all great questions, and we definitely appreciate you asking them, but I’m afraid we’re going to leave you hanging for an answer. The truth is, this versatile piece doesn’t need defining, and can fulfil all manner of needs and requirements; it all comes down to your imagination. Our imagination is telling us this magnificent piece would look amazing piled high with coffee table books, a stunning table lamp.

Shop the Oblique Display Bench here

The Outdoor Way Rug

If you love a design story, the Ferm LIVING Way rug is for you. Though it looks and feels like some kind of organic fabric, this stunning rug is made from recycled plastic bottles, 292 to be exact. Through some kind of complex process (we’re thinking witchcraft and/or wizardry), they’re able to create a yarn from recycled PET. This is then woven into the rug you see before you, et voila! You’ve got yourself a one-of-a-kind rug that’s perfect and suitable for both indoors and out.

Shop the Outdoor Way Rug here

The Tuck Chamomile Scented Candle

Whether you’re the type of candle shopper that goes for the scent, or puts more weight on the vessel, Ferm Living’s Tuck candle has you covered. Made of stoneware with a high-gloss beige glaze, it’s a sure stunner on a table, shelf, or cabinet. Now we understand it’s hard to experience scent through a screen, but with our linguistic prowess, we’ll do our very best to describe the fragrance. Sweet and fresh, with an amber-like twist, it’s soft and delicate, something to calm the mind and induce a deep relaxation.

Shop the Tuck Chamomile Scented Candle here

Katie Scott x Ferm LIVING Bird Print Wallpaper

Good wallpaper can, and will, completely transform a space for the better. It’s as simple as that. And that is why this gorgeous illustrative wallpaper makes the cut – installing this masterpiece will blow your mind (we speak from experience, this wallpaper decorates a section of our St Kilda Showroom). If you haven’t studied up on Katie Scott, this is what you need to know: she’s a London based freelance illustrator, with a particular talent for creating gorgeous drawings of flora and fauna – check out her portfolio, which includes work for Aesop, Hermes, and H&M.

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