Won’t lie – we’re dark timber obsessed. Like, really obsessed. And with so many projects, homes, and products featuring the deliciously warm material, it appears we may be on to something. Read on, and share in our obsession.

Trends, styles, fashions, and fads – the interior world is in a continuous cycle of what is and isn’t popular. And that’s fab! It keeps things fresh, the mind active, and the industry moving. However, we can agree that it’s also nice to have something a little more constant you can rely upon. A classic and timeless beauty that looks incredible in your home, no matter the season or trending style. And we think we’ve found that in our latest love: delicious dark timber. 

With the ability to provide a rich and striking contrast, the beauty of this material lies within its versatility. With the correct balance, decorating and styling with tones of walnut, smoked oak, and dark stains, can suit all manner of aesthetics, and work harmoniously with existing decor and furniture pieces. You could go as far as to call it, the jack of all timbers.

Too much white in a space? Throw in some walnut for the perfect anchor and immediate grounding. Looking to add richness and warmth? Start searching for furniture featuring a rich smoked oak. Struggling to find something to pair with your warm metallic decor pieces? You better believe dark timber is going to make those babies shine!

Continue scrolling for some of our favourite interiors, furniture pieces, and decor featuring the current love of our lives, dark timber.

Walnut House

Adam Kane Architects
Photographed by Timothy Kaye

A home inspired by a sole walnut tree growing on the property, its interior embraces the warmth and welcoming nature of the dark brown material. And if you’re suddenly feeling tranquil and calm, welcome to the party; this is the magic dark timber brings to an interior.

Adam Kane Architects have taken a very strategic and considered approach to designing and furnishing with walnut timber – take note: Though warm and inviting, too much of the dark tone can be overpowering, bordering claustrophobic. To avoid this, they’ve cooled the space down with polished concrete floors, sheer curtains, and off-white furnishings, which has resulted in an opening-up effect.

Androgyne Lounge Table

Danielle Siggerud For Menu CPH

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The Androgyne side table range was a bit of a moment for Menu. Made of black or white powder-coated steel, with a round marble top to match, it was (and still is) an absolutely stunning piece – and if you’re lucky enough to own one, good for you. We’re jealous.

However, side table alone definitely wasn’t enough to satiate our hunger for geometric tables, and thankfully, designer Danielle Siggerud extended her range for Menu, introducing new designs and materials including… dark timber! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

The lounge table is our new love, especially with its significant presence, and glorious geometric forms. Made from dark stained oak, this modernist design is effortlessly chic and presents a refined and considered statement. And for shiggles, can you see in the shot above the amount of focal point power the piece has within this particular setting. Its contrast against the off-whites and creams help it become a bit of an anchor, connecting all furniture elements together, creating a cohesive and grounded look.

Azabu Residence

Norm Architects & Keiji Ashizawa Design
Photographed by Karimoku Case Study

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Defined by its muted tones and warmth in materiality, this small Tokyo apartment merges mid-century modern elements with sleek contemporary finishes. A collaboration of minds, the project saw Norm Architects and Keiji Ashizawa Design come together to create a harmonious and relaxing space, filled with bespoke furniture pieces.

You’ll notice the space incorporates a refined palette of dark timber (which we can’t get enough of), creamy off-white plaster walls, and sandy beige upholstery. This contrast of light and dark materials creates a striking balance, promoting intimacy and cosiness.

This vibe is most visible in the dining space, which is furnished with gorgeous silhouettes, made from walnuts and stained oak. Offset by unadorned, lighter-toned walls, and the delicate statement pendant in a creamy white, the space achieves an open-feel, with a grounded sense of hygge and comfort, thanks to the dark timber.

Missing Armchair

Regular Company For New Works

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Now you may have noticed from the two projects referenced above, dark timber has this really unique ability to bring warmth and ambience. Consequently, this makes it a viable candidate when choosing materials for dining rooms; a space that thrives on intimacy, cosiness, and comfort. But if you’re not really in a place to get renovating, introducing the warmth of dark timber can be as simple as a new dining chair.

Our pick: New Works and their Missing Armchair (no, it’s very much there, it’s just called The Missing Armchair). Described as if a line drawing had sprung to life, the minimalistic chair has been refined to the point that it’s only composed of the bare essentials. Straight lines are ever so gently curved and softened, emphasising its silhouette, and drawing attention to all that beautiful lacquered walnut. Not overpowering in the slightest, the chair provides that sniff of dark timber, in a sleek and beautifully designed form.

Bottle Grinders

Norm Architects For Menu CPH

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One of Menu’s most enduring and recognisable designs (alongside the JWDA Table Lamp), their Bottle Grinders are synonymous with functional, minimalist design. And with a selection featuring a dark walnut top, they’re a simple, stylish, and affordable way of experimenting or adding a touch of dark timber to your space, without having to over-invest. They also add a pop of colour, albeit muted, or a shimmer of metallic, through their various finishes.

Add More Clothes Rack

Nordic Function

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Playing around with fixtures is a fantastic way to experiment with different materials. They present small moments to try out new combinations or incorporate new trends, in a setting that allows for updating or replacing in the future. The ‘Add More’ Clothes Rack is a fantastic example, presenting a playful, yet functional (who doesn’t love a compact hanging rack), opportunity to get those delicious dark timber tones into your home, without going overboard.

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