Photography, styling, and recipe by Jem Juthamat.

Do you say brekky, breakie, or brekkie? We’re brekkie people, but happy to pull out a brekky if needed. Breakie, pfffft. That one’s reserved for oopsie daisies or songs about achey hearts.

But we digress. The topic of today’s post is not one on the butchering of the English language, but something much more wholesome (and infinitely more delicious). We’re chatting Mother’s Day, and more importantly, the annual Breakfast In Bed. Arguably the most important meal – read: event – of the year, it’s an exercise involving (some) kitchen prowess and a whole lotta love. Something our beautiful friend, Jem Juthamat, totally gets. We asked her to give us the answer to question teetering on the edge of our lips: what does mum really want served up for the prestigious breakfast in bed event?

And the answer is: Cinnamon Sugar French Toast, a Yoghurt, Berry, and Granola Parfait, and a pot of English Breakfast Tea. Talk about breakfast heaven! Not only is this spread delicious, but it’s really easy to make. Plus the entire family can get involved. Except you, mum. You stay in bed. Everyone else, grab your aprons, whisks, and frying pans, and start cookin’.

Mother’s Day breakfast in bed has always been about teamwork. Like a well oiled machine, everyone big and small – except mum, of course – gets up early, hits the kitchen hard, and works studiously to have everything ready to go just as the star of the show is waking up.

Jem’s brekkie in bed spread is SUPER kid-friendly. Though there are some elements that may require adult supervision (please please please, don’t let your toddlers man the frying pan), there’s plenty of tasks for the little ones to take ownership of, giving loads of opportunity for creative (and messy) self-expression.

Though presentation is not essential, a little effort never goes astray. Serving things up on the good plates, using cutlery reserved for special occasions, and simple garnishes of fresh colourful berries or a dusting of icing sugar go a long way and can help make the morning feel a little more spesh. Thankfully, this breakfast spread is really easy to glam up, especially the parfait. Served in a fancy glass, the layers of yoghurt, granola, and fruit present beautifully and do all the visual work for you. Delicious and pleasant on the eye – what a combo.

Cinnamon Sugar French Toast

Serves 4

You’ll Need:

1 cup milk
1 tsp vanilla extract
Icing sugar mixture
Fresh berries
50g butter
1 tsp ground cinnamon
Maple syrup
6 free range eggs
8 slices of white bread (thickly sliced)
Tasteology Cinnamon Sugar

And This Is How You Make It:

Whisk eggs, milk, cinnamon and vanilla together in a bowl.

Transfer mixture to a large baking dish. Add bread,in batches, turning to coat.

Heat half the butter in a large frying pan over low heat. Cook bread, in 4 batches, for 5 minutes on each side or until golden.

Serve French toast topped with berries, Tasteology Cinnamon Sugar, a drizzle of maple syrup and a dusting of icing sugar.


You’ll Need:

Vanilla Yoghurt

And This Is How You Make It:

Layer each ingredient evenly and separately. Easy peasy!

Et Voila, it’s time to plate up. Find your favourite serving tray – something big to make sure all the fresh yummies fit – add a little decoration (flowers, perhaps?) and carefully carry the magic over to mum.

It’s common knowledge, and scientific fact, that mums know everything. So chances are this morning treat won’t come as a surprise. But we’re positive it will be accepted with heaps of love, smiles, and big warm mum hugs!