Decorating and styling is a hell of a good time, isn’t it? Bringing your creative vision, style, and tastes into the physical world can be such a rush. However, sometimes the budget doesn’t exist to bring your dreams into reality; the best, most luxe pieces often come with quite a hefty price tag. But that’s a misconception we’re here’ to break.

Just like the title says, below you’ll find a small but impressive curation of decor that looks WAY more eggspenny than is the actual case. Infact, nothing on our list below retails over $150. Serious win. We’re not cheaping out on quality either, you’ll be shocked to find that many of the selected pieces are crafted from marble, mouth blown glass, glazed ceramics, and various metals.

So without further ado, let’s all jump into the fray and find ourselves some seriously luxe decor that won’t cost you a fortune!

Aura Table Mirror



They may be known for their gorgeous lighting collections (hello Kizu and friends), but NEW WORKS are also in the biz of crafting some pretty special decor pieces too. And there’s nothing quite as special as this reflective sculpture, the Aura Table Mirror. This hemispherical delight is the perfect minimalistic touch to beautify a bare coffee table, bookshelf, or hallway console. At just shy of $100, it’s great value for something incredibly unique.

Fragilis Bowl



If you’re familiar with MENU, you’ll know their product is very much tied to materials of the highest quality, and a strong design integrity. The fact that one of their, dare we say it, most beautiful pieces comes in at under $150 is an absolute mind-blown moment. Designed by Swedish ceramicist, Cecilia Armand, the satin glazed Fragilis Bowl makes for a truly stunning centrepiece, guaranteed to turn heads.

Mogule Sculpture


by HAY

Is HAY’s Mogule Sculpture beautiful or ugly? It’s what the industry is calling ugly-beautiful, and we’re all for it. Intriguing shapes, unexpected textures, and plain old simple uniqueness is a style that will never fade as a trend. Why? Because it’s INTERESTING! And so this bubbly little piece of ceramic goodness (it’s only $54, btw) is fast becoming a bit of an icon.

Odel Oil Burner


by ferm LIVING

When a piece is as functional as it is beautiful, then you know you’ve struck gold. Or in this case, aluminium. Meet Odel, a sculptural oil burner embracing gently rounded curves and honest materiality. It’s actually the materiality that makes this piece feel extra luxe – it looks gorgeous out of the box, but will age and patina ever so gracefully with use, turning it into something akin to a timeless antique.

Adee Deco



Chain chain chain, chain of Bloomingville beauty! Made of solid white marble, the Adee Deco sculpture looks like something you’d see on a plinth at the gallery of modern art. Instead, it’s sitting fancy on your coffee table, looking a million dollars and levelling up your style game.

Glacies Vase



The AYTM (pronounced ‘item’) Glacies Vase presents quite the unique expression. It’s a balance of sharp geometric angles and soft gentle curves, with both features displayed equally through the transparency of its glass body. Craftsmanship alone (it’s mouth-blown), you’d think something of this calibre would cost upwards of $300. Instead, it’s well below, sitting at only $110.

Alumina Tealight Candle Holder



One of Designstuff’s most coveted brands, Kristina Dam Studio sits high atop the wish lists of the savviest designers and stylists in the biz. And it’s not hard to understand why. Known for a sculpturally minimalistic aesthetic, KDS creates the most beautiful of designs from a rich material palette of stones, metals, and fabrics. The Alumina Candle Holder is a prime example of the brand’s design ethos. With its striking silhouette and visual presence, it’s a small yet glorious piece of Kristina Dam at a very affordable price point.

Ridge Vase



The Ridge Vase has (quite appropriately) made itself known as a bit of an icon. So much so, we’ve seen a myriad of ‘inspired-by’ products appearing on the shelves of department stores, both high and low. But nothing beats the real thing, and nothing beats a price tag of $109. So if you’re looking for a Muuto original, and gorgeous piece of rippled Scandi design to boot, this really is a great entry-point.

Arcs Candle Holder


by HAY

“Candle holders?” You say, “Yaaaaaawn.”

But just you wait a second. This spiffin’ candle holder by HAY is more than your standard fare. Broken down, the ‘Arcs’ is made from a unified chain of tesselating arcs, which encapsulates the candle of your choice. The result is a playfully scalloped design in a breathtakingly striking colour – a piece of design that goes well and truly beyond what you’d expect from a humble candle holder.