Before we begin, let’s address the title of this post. Initially, the heading did not have the ‘kinda-almost-sorta’ as it sounded a little silly. But having ‘minimalist’ on its own alongside ‘decor’ came across as oxymoronic. And nobody wants to sound oxymoronic, right? So, yeah, this post is for the ‘minimalist-minded-but-doesn’t-follow-the-minimalist-ethos-to-the-t’.

With that sorted, we can comfortably move on to the actual content of today’s post. We’re talking minimalistic decor pieces; designs simple in silhouette and form, that bring a sense of calmness to a space. That’s not saying these objects are in anyway boring or bland, oh no. They’re just a little more subtle in how they present, design you can appreciate without the feeling like you’re being shouted at.

So prepare for some minimalism non-madness, as we quietly, calmly, and considerately bomb dive into the edit.

Offset Sculpture Candle Holder, Vol. 1

Kristina Dam Studio

This sandstone and travertine marvel was dreamt into existence by Kristina Dam Studio, well known for their minimalistic approach to design. The piece makes a tasteful and elegant statement atop any surface, thanks to the soft contrast of the unique pairing of textures. And though the piece appears quite muted, its asymmetric form creates just the right amount of tension – how does it balance so perfectly?

Sculptural Paperweight

Ferm LIVING x Helena Rohner

An extension of the opulent collaboration between Ferm LIVING and jewellery designer, Helena Rohner, these chrome and brass paperweights are a sculptural dream. Soft, elegant, and feminine, the design’s form is deeply rooted in the organic shapes birthed from nature – our current (and likely never ending) obsession. Similar to an oversized piece of jewellery, it makes quite the statement to the design-trained eye.

Opal Vase, Topaz

Kristina Dam Studio

If this edit didn’t include at least two pieces from Kristina Dam Studio, then we could not have, in good conscience, included the word Minimalist. And so here we are with another outstanding sculptural piece from the Queen herself. The opal glass vase is one of those pieces that commands attention by whispering, similar to that teacher you had in primary school. The one who’d get the class to focus in by speaking ever so quietly, you’d immediately stop messing about just to make out what they were saying. Yeah, vases can do that too. Its unique recess-within-a-recess design and slightly tinted colouring, makes it a piece that creates intrigue, captivating and mesmerising an audience through its soft expression.

Kubus Centerpiece Bowl

By Lassen

Think of the Kubus as By Lassen’s bread and butter, it’s a design classic, recognised universally throughout the design community. And for good reason too. The Kubus collection began with a simple candle holder, designed by architect Mogens Lassen (explains the brand name) back in 1962. The bowl design followed, proving to be a hit with its refined silhouette, and sleek materiality.

A seriously chic addition to shelves, counters and tabletops, the Kubus centerpiece is an investment you’ll keep and cherish forever. With a rich design history, and timeless appeal, this unassuming bowl is the perfect accompaniment to an immaculate minimalistic interior.

Minimal Clock

TOO Designs

Architect couple, Thomas and Sureen (TOO Designs), have reimagined the humble wall timepiece, by stripping it back to its most basic and essential elements. Void of superfluous details and distractions, their Minimal Clock features contrasting arms, cut-out ‘number lines’ (what are these actually called?), and the most perfectly rounded circle. It’s a soft and classic addition to any cleanly styled wall.