Ferm Living’s latest release is quite possibly their best yet. Featuring their signature organic silhouettes, and drawing inspiration from Brutalist architecture, the brand continues to excel in the world of interiors.

YAY! It’s another drop of gorgeousness from one of our favourites, Ferm LIVING. Our love of Ferm originated many years ago. Designstuff was actually one of the first, and largest stockists, of the brand here in Australia. Over the years you have welcomed the Danish brand into your homes, which we ABSOLUTELY love to see.

The brand has come quite a long way since their early days of hexagonal pots and shelving brackets, and has grown into a trend-setter of Scandinavian design. Each new season release features exciting materials, and inspiring silhouettes, across a selection of furniture, decor objects, lighting, and accessories. This season is no different.

Nobody says it better than Ferm LIVING, so here’s their take on the SS21 collection. Take it away guys…

“Like an ever-evolving, imperfectly perfect piece of art, your home is a space that evolves and emerges along with the seasons of your life. Our new SS21 collection features soft, organic shapes and neutral, earthy tones, underscoring the personal, raw and unfinished notion that embodies the feeling of home.”

Thanks team, that was beautiful.

So, without further aDOU (you’ll get the joke a few products down), we introduce your preview screening of the Ferm LIVING SS21 collection. Enjoy!

Post Coffee Table

We’re opening the preview with what we consider to be Ferm LIVING’s most stunning coffee table release to date.

Introducing the “Post”. Inspired by Brutalist architecture, the table is all about playing with volumes to present a simple, yet totally eye-catching, silhouette and style. Using an artistic technique known asof marquetry, the tabletop displays a unique starburst effect, adding to the exquisite craftsmanship of the piece.

Made of FSC certified wood, we’re a little obsessed with the rich dark tones of this table. Walnuts and smoked oaks have been giving us the goosebumps (of the good kind) recently, and this beauty is no exception. With tones this sophisticated, handsome, warm, and inviting, we’re hopping over to the dark side (of timber), and you’re more than welcome to join us.

Desert Dining Chair

Another gorgeous addition to the Desert chair family, and we say, “Keep ’em coming, please!”

This release see’s the lounge chair we all fell in love with, scaled down into a foldable dining chair. GLAMPING MUCH? Still made from recycled post-consumer plastic, this iteration has a focus on functionality, and offers both practical seating and convenient storage (yes, they most definitely fold up.) There’s also a matching cushion (sold separately) to add extra comfort for your toosh, because you deserve it kween.

Suitable for indoors and outdoors, we can see the new Desert chair gracing plenty of beach, coastal, and holiday homes.

Dou Pendant

If you’re wondering why you’re unusually attracted to this pendant lamp shade, we have a theory that might fit. So listen in.

Ferm LIVING have, very cleverly, taken an approachable and relatable geometric shape, and softened it with hand-braided natural rattan. The contrast between the sharp geometry and the textural qualities of the material, create an interesting tension, and immediately have your brain thinking, “Hey, this is pretty damn neat!”

But that’s just our theory, you might have your own, very valid thoughts on why this pendant is better than sliced bread.

Sill Cupboard

We’re nicknaming this one the Austin Powers of cupboards because it’s GROOVY BABY! No? Fair, not one of our better jokes, but points for trying right?

This cupboard derives it’s name from the French “sillon”, meaning carved grooves, which just so happens to be the defining design feature of this gorgeous unit. Now let’s not get carried away with it’s beauty, the main purpose of the Sill is functional storage. And functional storage the Sill brings. Store things inside, or on top. The raised edges also allow for pieces to be hooked over the side, or leaned against. Thank you Austin Powers cupboard, you’re swell!

Yama Pencil Holder

Can we just say, it’s about time one of the big Scandi design houses got to making a pencil pot that’s worthy of being on display in the NGV.

Trust Ferm LIVING to absolutely nail it.

The name comes from the Japanese word for mountain, which explains its sculptural form. The Yama’s “wild and untamed” silhouette is cast from blackened aluminium, and features a rough, matte finish. Curves and natural shapes continue to flourish in Ferm LIVINGS collections, and we’re glad they’ve translated

With enough compartments to hold all the essentials, and some, we also think it will have plenty of use in bathrooms, make up desks, and kitchens.