Inspired by wild, Nordic nature, Helena Rohner has crafted a unique and limited series of hooks for Danish design house, Ferm Living. And gosh, they’re gorgeous! Join us as we take a shallow dive into the collab and explore some of the goodies that came as a result.

Who doesn’t love a good collab? When two very talented entities collide, magic happens, and we’re all better for it. And this collab here between Helena Rohner and Ferm Living, it’s textbook greatness and we really have no choice but to share it with you.

We’re lusting hard after these three metal hooks; mushroom, lemon, and chanterelle. They’re as much a sculptural piece, as a functional fixture, and can be used as wall hooks, doorknobs, closet handles, and cabinet grips. Honestly, any excuse to get one of these into your home is very much valid in our eyes. Kitchen cabinets, bathroom hooks, bedroom thingies… whatever *shrug emoji*.

I want to create art for everyday use that enhances the design experience in a casual way. This enables crucial consumer interaction with the design at eye-level.

Helena Rohner

Helena, who runs her jewellery line out of Madrid and Barcelona (what a dream, right?), says she wanted to create pieces for Ferm Living that had an oversized feel. Which is great, everyone loves ginormous! Her feminine aesthetic is clear in the collaboration, with each hand-formed hook displaying pure elegance through its organic form.

Anyway, enough words, we know you came here for the beautiful photos of these stunning hooks. So we’ll zip our lips, and let you enjoy in silence… You’re welcome.

All images courtesy of Ferm Living.