IF there’s anything those of us with children hold the biggest love/hate relationship with, it’s the dreaded bedtime routine.

LOVE: The adult time. The wind down time. The put your feet up and sip that cup of tea time (or the adult juice if it’s been one of those days – no judgements here!) that comes once your littles are finally down and out for the night. 

HATE: The sudden avoidance of their bedrooms. The nagging. The dragging. The zig zagging through the house as they suddenly find that fourteenth wind of energy for the day. 

We know they need the rest. Wouldn’t it be nice if they could come to this realisation as well without the need for 10 bedtime stories, 6 glasses of water and the accompanying 27 toilet visits that follow to avoid the dreamland that comes as nightfall takes over.

The dream is there! But how can we make that dream a reality I hear you ask? 

Adding minor comfort adjustments and soothing strategies into the sleeping space can assist in creating an environment that encourages a tranquil and peaceful experience to settle your little ones in for the evening. Integrate these strategies into your set bedtime routine to ease the battle that comes as night falls for a smoother sleep for all.


A major deterrent for many children wanting to go to bed is the fear of what lies in the darkness. What isn’t scary in the light becomes an opportunity for their imaginations to run wild in the dark. Shadows turn into lurking monsters lying in wait and no matter how much reassurance you offer your child, the fear is still there. The darkness holds onto the fear that comes from an inability to differentiate fantasy from reality in their little minds.

Night lights are the perfect solution to alleviate any of these fears or anxieties experienced in the dark. The delicate glow emanating across the room eliminates those pesky shadow monsters lurking in the dark, providing a safe environment for your little one to get some well needed rest. 

Our eyes have the special ability of sending signals to our brain and powering our internal clocks. This special skill thrives off bright lights with blue undertones, tricking your brain into thinking it’s daytime. Choose a night light that casts a warm hue to ensure your child is getting every opportunity to be in a calming environment for an adequate night’s sleep.

The options are endless for that perfect soft and warm glow. Dinos and rabbits and bears – oh my! For your animal loving wild child, showcase their personality through their night light of choice from LIEWOOD’s cute collection of animal shaped lights.

Gone are the days of the boring wall plugged bulb! 

With so many portable and cordless options, mobilise your night light to ensure every corner of the room is protected from those pesky darkness monsters. You and your child can fear less, and both get that well deserved rest needed after a long day of fun and activities.

Introducing a night light into your child’s bedroom helps them create that soothing environment, protecting and relaxing them for a smoother night’s sleep. 


Picture this. You arrive home after a long day. You’ve been up since the crack of dawn. Home after the sun sets. Exhausted. Body aches. You finally make your way to the comfort of your bed after an equally long night when your met with the cold, scratchiness of uncomfortable bedding. 

Does that sound inviting to you? Does it sound inviting for your little one? Didn’t think so!

Encourage your tiny human to pick and choose the softest blankets, cosiest cushions and snuggly pillows to create an enticing space all of their own to lay their little heads down. An environment comforting and relaxing enough to bring sleep deep enough to ensure the sandman visits with sweet, sweet dreams in tow after their own big day. It’s tough being a kid! 

Let them pick the colours, shapes and textures and allow their individual style to shine. Help them create a sleeping situation they are proud to show and share with you at bedtime. The excitement of having the autonomy to decide what goes on their beds to make it uniquely theirs can encourage them to dive in (and hopefully stay in) to ease the battle of the evening routine.

By picking and choosing their own bedding, you not only encourage night time comfort but day time habits as they get older. They’ve spent all this time picking and choosing the perfect pieces of bedding that reflects who they are. They’ll not only be excited to show you as they jump into bed, but also how they piece it together when they jump out of bed. 

Adding layers of soft sheets and cosy quilts allows you to combat all sleeping scenarios, bringing them seamlessly to sleep and giving you more time to combat your own bedding dilemma with cosy cushions, throws and blankets of your own.


Soft toys and comforters do exactly that – provide softness and comfort for a soothed night sleep. Providing your child with a special friend who only joins them at bed time is an ideal way to promote and encourage them to begin winding down for the night. The way we use our cups of tea as a signal to wind down and relax for the night, our children can use their soft toys and comforters for the same purpose.

Soft toys can help your children gain a level of independence as they move away from relying on you to soothe them through the night, turning to their cuddly friends for comfort instead. 

Have them join your child after dinner or bath time to signal bedtime is approaching, easing them into the nightly routine and calming them to a point they are ready for bed. Have their special friend help them pick out one story to read (let’s save the other 9 for other nights shall we) before they lie down together and settle in for the night. 

As they cuddle their bunny bestie or cosy kitty, they relieve any anxieties thy may be holding on to. This promotes a space of calmness and tranquillity reassuring your child that they are safe and protected even when you’re not by their side. 

As your child wakes and readies themselves for their fun day ahead, their bedtime buddy can rest for the day in their favourite layers of cosy cushions and bedding. Just as your child needs rest, their soft toys also need an opportunity to rest, recover and get ready for another night of comfort and protection for your little one as bedtime rolls around again.


Classical music has shown to be an effective aid in helping your child get to sleep and reducing any problems with sleeping your child might experience.

A simple yet effective way to introduce soft, melodic sounds into your child’s bedtime routine is with a beautifully crafted musical orb. Place a wind-up Siebensachen music orb into your child’s sleeping space to enhance the restful atmosphere desired for a calm and tranquil bedtime routine, helping your child get a good night sleep. Wind it up, set it aside and let its classical sounds soothe your child enough to drift off into a state of deep sleep and calmness.

As your children are nurtured to sleep through the gentle melodies released by the orb, their quality of sleep is also improved, giving their little bodies the opportunity to recover and help them grow and develop. Playing music not only improves the quality of your children’s sleep but also their sleep efficiency. This means more of the time they’re actually in bed is spent with them sleeping instead of going through their list of excuses on why they need to avoid bedtime in the first place. With improved sleep efficiency comes less waking up in the night and less sounds of feet pitter-pattering through the hallways into your bedroom at 2am in the morning.

A peaceful sleep for your children equals a peaceful sleep for you. Winning!

Bedtime routines don’t need to be the nightly dread we know them to be. Let’s change this Love/Hate relationship to a Love/Love one and enjoy the extra relaxation time and accompanying zzz’s that come with happy, sleeping children.

These simple strategies are here to not only ease the bedtime routine for you but also create an environment and atmosphere that is inviting and calming for your children. Let’s get them excited to go to sleep. Bedtime should be FUN! It is for us as adults and it should be for our children as well. Let’s help our kids discover our little secret for a peaceful night sleep for all.