Friend of Designstuff, Elle Nguyen, turns Christmas into CUTE-MAS with our ferm LIVING Embroidered Tent!

Photography & Stlying by Elle Nguyen

Add to cart! This week we’re making your Christmas gift adventures easier. Incoming festive jazz hands; spotlight on one of our most favourite children’s range beauties – meet our ferm LIVING Embroidered Tent.

Your little ones can embrace a real or imagined ‘set-up camp scenario’ inside and enjoy a year ‘round shaded play space on those hot sunny or rainy days.

The ferm LIVING Embroidered Tent is a joyful and visually peaceful inclusion in your home that will ignite the spirit of play. Available in two different colours – dark olive and natural; your kids can stay a while crocodile in the portable home-goes-comfy reading nook. 

And with Christmas literally just around the corner, we touched base with our good mate and amazing stylist, Elle Nguyen (seriously go check out her instagram please), to share some quick styling tips on how you can present this gorgeous little ferm LIVING gem to excited young eyes on the morning of the most magical day of the year.

Elle’s Tips:

1. Don’t be afraid of more
Yep, this tent is an absolute stunner to look at on its own, but that’s totally pandering to our adult aesthetic. Give up the minimalism and touch base with your inner child. Lean into the freedom of all the whimsy, and layer it up with colourful bunting, fruit-shaped storage baskets, characterful soft toys – anything that brings your little one joy. It’s all they’ll want to play with on Christmas Morning.

2. Make it comfy
Let’s think practically – if your little ones are going to be rolling around inside the tent for hours, make sure it’s positioned on something comfy. If your home is carpeted, you’re basically set (maybe add a few cushions for good measure), but if you’re working with tiles or floorboards, whip out a colourful rug as a soft and plushy base.

3. Add a night light
For sleep outs and late nights spent in the tent, a portable lamp is an absolute must. Not just for ambience, they help provide your little ones with a sense of security, and of course visibility for trips to the loo. And there are plenty of night light options at Designstuff check out brands like MARSET and LIEWOOD – they’ve got you covered.

ferm LIVING are the champions of functional Danish design and for that we thank them. Because it means that you can crush on your children’s play space and not just want to hide everything in the cupboard! Shop for either the beetle or ladybird embroidered motifs when choosing your favourite.

The ‘virtual’ Christmas gift countdown is on. And it’s true, we’ve got you and your gift-list sorted

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