The adorablest of the adorable, the cutest of the cute, the sweetest of the sweet – meet LIEWOOD. If you’re not familiar with the brand, they’re the ones that made animal-shaped everything cool, brought mustard and rose to the top of the colour-trend meter, and got everyone excited for inflatable pools again. Talk about leading the pack.

LIEWOOD really are the masters of everything baby + kids, and today we’re going to take a dive and explore what they’re about. We’ll check in on their play time, bath time, dinner time, and bed time offerings, and spotlight a few of their superstar products! So, join us in this little explore (and feel free bring the kids along too)!

Play Time

Won’t lie, the toys and snuggly teddies that sit in Liewood’s library of products are probably our favourite. And how could they not be? Their colourful collection of toy dice, dominos, cuddle cloths, tea sets, and plenty plenty more, are absolutely second to none. And because most are made of silicone, they range is super durable for even the most intense play time.

Bath Time

Splish splash, Liewood’s super fun in the bath. With a focus on waterproof toys, they bring all the fun and colour and whimsy to entice little ones into enjoying bath time. And once the hair is conditioned and the soap has been rinsed off, they have an adorable selection of animal-inspired hooded towels to get the kiddos dry before its into Pj’s and bed.

Bed Time

Bedtime can be really tricky. It’s astonishing how tired little bodies can have such active minds that refuse to enter a state of slumber. But with a little coaxing with Liewood, all bedtime woes are flicked out the window. Their soft organic cotton bed sets are a dream to drift off in, whilst their Winston night lights will keep little ones company until the arrival of the sleepy sandman.

Dinner Time

If the kids are kicking up a stink at dinner time, perhaps a little Liewood charm is needed. Their dinner time treats are, hands down, an absolutely adorable offering. With plenty of colour and animal-inspired silhouettes, their range of cute dining details are guaranteed to add a burst of excitement to any meal time.