TOM DIXON have quite the comprehensive range of interior pieces. Furniture, decor, dining are well and truly covered. But it’s their experimental and boundary-pushing lighting collections that have brought the studio accolades and our eternal adoration.

From pendants that resemble molten glass, to perfectly formed glossy spheres, the brand engages with all manner of silhouette and material to bring an eclectic, yet tasteful, assortment of lighting solutions. Join us as we take a look over three of the brand’s stand out lighting collections. Ready to be illuminatingly inspired?

The oozing, organic, and beautifully imperfect MELT collection is a collaborative effort between TOM DIXON and Swedish design collective, FRONT. The duo managed to create a series inspired by melting ice and molten glass, through the techniques of blow moulding and vacuum metalisation.

Though we love the series as a whole, it’s the MELT Pendant that stole our hearts. Try styling in a cluster of 3 (or more), in varying sizes, for a truly magnificent statement. The reflections and warm mesmerising light can only be described as ethereal – a creative option for stairwells or above large dining tables.

The PRESS series of wall lights and pendants presents as playful and bold, with just a hint of art deco glamour. An unconventional collection, it’s one we love for its individuality and clever manufacturing process. Made from thick transparent glass, the ribbed silhouette distorts light to project linear and stripey patterns onto surfaces.

So where does the PRESS collection shine (pardon the pun)? Thanks to its solid presence, it’s the perfect option to have displayed alone alongside armchairs, above small dining settings, or playfully in a powder room. It could also prove to be a sophisticated option in bedrooms – think bedside pendants.

Many of TOM DIXON‘s collections feature spherical objects – you might call it one of their obsessions. OPAL is a dedication to this. Soft and minimal, the OPAL floor lamp is a highly refined design, exhibiting a sphere in its purest form. With a mirrored, orb-shaped globe, it’s an opulent piece that brings a geometric expression.

OPAL is dramatic through scale and silhouette, and therefore draws immediate attention. For the minimalists looking to add a bit of wow and interest – this could be a great option to have sitting in a living space. Alternatively, busy spaces can also benefit from the OPAL floor lamp’s white oversized globe (we discuss here how white can provide the perfect break in a colourful or loud room).