Rarely would you associate Nordic or Scandinavian design with elaborate and luxurious finishes, yet Danish brand, AYTM, manage to pull it off with great success. Join us and discover six of their pieces that blow our minds.

To us, AYTM is the Saint Laurent of the Scandinavian and Nordic design world. Their ‘rock-and-roll-glam’ approach to design is fun and exciting, whilst carefully treading the line between maximalism and minimalism. From textured glass vases, to curvaceous benches, their inspirational range is like nothing else.

How do they do it so perfectly? *shrug* But we’re huge admirers and have a huge amount of respect for their craft and contribution to the industry. Below are a selection of their designs, old and new, that best represent the brand’s unique direction and aesthetic.

Arura Glass Vases

Textured glass never looked so good as it does in the Arura glass vase collection. Carefully mouth blown, the vase appears twisted and warped, yet somehow maintains an elegant and pleasing expression. It’s the perfect example of AYTM taking a simple, minimal silhouette, and amplifying it with an idea that’s out-there and experimental.

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NOVO Indoor/Outdoor Dining Chair & Table Range

AYTM’s NOVO collection was designed by award winning interior designer, Rasmus Falkenberg, and has the intent of bringing together friends and family over good conversation and good food. Wholesome content. The design and silhouette of the NOVO range appears fragile and delicate, with fine lines meeting other fine lines, in a fine line convention. The reality is, these tables and chairs are sturdy as, constructed from powder coated steel and aluminium, and will endure the elements, from freezing cold, to meltingly hot.

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Flos Vase

As you’ve probably worked out, AYTM avoids playing by the rules, and though they do adhere to some of the stylistic norms of Scandinavian and Nordic design, you could say these are seen as malleable guidelines, rather than black & white laws. The Flos vase series is the perfect example of this. Clean lines operate as the piece’s initial direction, but with the addition of tinted, textured glass, and different sized panels, the resulting vase is busy, but ordered – a true feat and a totally unique design language.

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Angui Bench

It’s just come to our attention that we haven’t discussed the correct pronunciation of AYTM. We Designstuff-ers, will often go saying the individual letters: “A-Y-T-M”. However, this is super incorrect, as it’s really supposed to be pronounced “Item”. Now that’s cleared up, we move on to the Angui bench. Jury’s out on how to say this one, but we go with “Ang-gwee”, which sounds like a cute way of saying angry.

Right, so, the bench itself is similar to the Novo range, in that it works with fine, delicate lines to create something with the appearance of being lightweight. This is then AYTM’ed up with rounded edges, archs, and a luxe velvet or leather upholstered bench. The result is something both incredibly comfortable, and glorious to behold.

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Curva Magazine Rack

Oh now here’s a classic. Magazine racks come in all shapes, sizes, and materials, but this curvaceous beauty is one in a million. Taking one curvy line, and multiplying it by an amount we’re not really willing to count right now, the storage rack is equal parts sculpture as it is a functional piece of furniture. Finally, the metal materiality adds that pop of glam we expect and love from AYTM.

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Vivero Watering Can

To cap things off, we’ve got the most extra watering can on the market. But what else would you expect from AYTM? They demonstrate that tending to your garden can should be a statement, and an enjoyable one at that. Though relatively simple in silhouette, this incredible piece is elevated to disco-glam level with its shiny, eye catching materiality.

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