A Designstuff fave, Liewood is a brand bringing beautiful Scandinavian design to families all over the world. A hit with mums, dads, and kids, their ever-growing range is filled with fun and excitement, in a range of tonal and playful colour palettes.

With so much to love, discover exactly what it is that makes Liewood a star player in the world of kid’s interiors.

But before the deep dive begins, we though it might be worth noting what Liewood is really all about. The brand has one simple ambition: to advocate slow living by creating products that will last for generations. The Danish brand has deep roots in nordic design tradition, and focuses on honouring the timeless, whilst innovating and updating with their own contemporary twist. Founded in 2015 by Anne Marie Lie Nielsen, Liewood has grown by focusing on functionality, fine lines and simple details, and by understanding the demands of a modern family.

And with all that said and done, let’s get on with the show. Here’s why we love Liewood so very much.

They’re All About The Colours.

Liewood are damn good at picking colours you never thought would work, pairing them with other colours you never thought would work, to create a palette that does indeed work and looks incredible. It takes skill to pull something like that off, but they, in typical fashion, pass with flying colours.

Liewood’s ability to layer tints and tones is truly inspirational, and a great source for creating your own palettes. Aside from the standards – mixes of blues, mustards, and roses, keep an eye out for delightful and exciting pops of primary colours, like apple reds and sandy yellows.

Focused On Having Fun.

Scandinavian design is often associated with minimalism and seriousness. And that’s a fair assumption to make, however not every brand follows this path so strictly, especially not Liewood. Yes, their designs are refined, but not to the point that it becomes over-minimalised (is that even a word?) or empty. Instead, they work on discovering the soul, or spirit, of a product, and focus on elevating this element.

Liewood inject warmth, and fun, and energy, and love, into everything they create. From the shape their products take, to the patterns that decorate each piece, there’s so much to enjoy and cherish. The brand conceptualises each piece through the eyes of children, which is quite possibly where their success truly lies.

The Product Range Is Designed To Stand The Test Of Time.

It goes without saying that the world of fast fashion has seeped its way into the area of interior design. At Designstuff, we’ve always aimed to work with brands that not only put thought into high quality, robust materials, but also consider the way a product ages in the eyes of the consumer. Liewood is a brand that creates classics, be it toys, accessories, furniture items, and lighting. These pieces avoid the comings and goings of trends, and instead focus on timeless styles that stay relevant forever.

This approach to long-term design is one that we not only appreciate, but respect immensely. Building and creating something for life, is one of the more sustainable and environmentally friendly practices a design house can take. This is why we adore Liewood so much. Their focus and attention towards creating something that brings long-term joy and happiness is admirable, from a customer perspective, but also that of the environment.