It’s that time again. We’re serving up a spread of homes and projects that have kept our inspiration tanks full and our imaginations soaring – and we hope they have the same effect on you. This round, we’re featuring the talents of Open Creative Studio, Studio Marin, and Molecule studio. Expect to see the grandest of views, ceilings than never end, and contemporary living spaces that redefine the modern day townhouse. So jump on in, prep the eyes, and most importantly, enjoy!

Thinking Paddock House

by Open Creative Studio

Photography by Massimo Combi

Design lovers, avert your gaze lest you be forever mesmerised by the glorious Ralphs Bay and kunanyi/Mt Wellington. Taking in these incredible views is Open Creative Studio’s Thinking Paddock House. An absolute stunner of a home, it’s designed so perfectly, it integrates beautifully into the landscape, whilst honouring the farming context of the site. A timber-lover’s dream, the house is warm, and beautiful, and inviting, and let’s be honest, where we’d rather be.

Winton House

by Molecule Studio

Photography by Derek Swalwell

Classic in the front, contemporary in the back. Winton house by Molecule Studio was a two part project; a carefully renovated and restored 1890’s Victorian Era front, with a spicy new, two-storey extension at the rear. It’s a home that celebrates the past, and integrates it into the present, with its generously high ceilings, a softly toned material palette, and grand proportions in various living spaces throughout the home.

Bentleigh East Townhouse

by Studio Martin

Photography by Martina Gemmola

Myth: Townhouses have become bland, tacky and more boring than a dial up internet connection. Truth: The architecturally-considered townhouses of today are a design dream. Case in point: The Bentleigh East Townhouses by Studio Martin. It’s all about that attention to detail, and these homes have plenty to show. Sharp angular staircases, oversized door handles, gridded tiles – they all work together to create a visual consistency and gentle flow throughout.