Summer is the perfect time for kids to get outside and play! Whether they’re splashing around in the pool, building sandcastles at the beach, or having a picnic in the park, there’s no shortage of fun outdoor activities to keep them entertained. In this blog post, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite summertime games and toys to help make the most of the warm weather. From inflatable pools to beach toys and outdoor adventure gear, these products will keep your little ones laughing, playing, and having a blast all summer long.

So get ready to soak up the sun and make some memories with your kids this summer!

The photo is of a kid standing in a Pool Buoy pool, spraying water into the air through a hose. The inflatable pool is in a sky blue and orange gingham pattern.

The BYO Pool Party

You don’t need a backyard pool to get this party splashin’, not with an inflatable pool + extras by POOL BUOY! Blow it up, fill it with water and let your little ones have a blast. We’re promising literal HOURS of fun – they can play Marco Polo, have a water balloon fight, or just splash around and cool off. And when it’s time for a break from all the action, whip out an inflatable beach ball and have a go at one of these 25 beach ball games (our pick is a round of pain-free dodgeball). Or, if those little bodies are keen for a float and relax, they can grab an inflatable kiddie pool ring, a lemonade icy pole, and drift off into summer bliss.

POOL BUOY Brings The Splish And The Splash

The photo is of the Konges Slojd silicone beach set in a light yellow colour. The toys include a bucket, watering can, and mould. They're placed on the sand, with a foamy wave behind.

A Day By The Sea

Beach toys? Check! Towels? Check! Carry-baskets? Check! Sounds like you’ve got everything you need for a memory-making day at the beach. After a quick dip in the waves, task your kids with a bit of cityscaping with help from the Konges Slojd Silicone Beach Toy Set! These lemon-coloured beach toys are perfect for building sandcastles and having fun in the sun. When the kiddos are ready to dry off, grab the Kobn Beach Bath Towel and wrap them up in its soft, nougat-coloured fabric. And when it’s time to head home, use the Liewood Bloom Kids Basket to keep all of your beach essentials organised. This Golden Caramel-coloured basket is perfect for carrying towels, toys, and snacks. With these beach essentials, your little ones will have a memorable day by the ocean!

Oceans Away!

Photo of a picnic set up with towels, mugs, and a bowl of magnums. The photo also shows a cooler bag, and inside the bag is a Fabelab lunch box with a blue lid.

Picnic In The Park

Yummy food + stunning weather = guaranteed good time. Get ready for some fun in the sun (and much needed family time) with a picnic in the park! Here’s your essential gear list: Pack up some sandwiches and fruit in the Fabelab Organic Plastic Lunchbox and head to your favourite park for a summer feast. The 1-layer lunch box is perfect for carrying your little ones’ snacks, keeping them fresh and tasty for mealtime. When everyone is comfy and settled, the Konges Slojd PLA Kids Dinner Set serves their tasty picnic spread in style. This Unicorn-themed dinner set includes a plate, bowl, and cup, all made from eco-friendly materials. And for a sweet surprise, pre-bake some sweet yummies in Liewood’s Tilo CupCake cups. These cute and colourful silicone patty pans are sure to make your kids smile and satiate their sweet tooth. Oh, and before we forget – don’t forget a cute picnic rug from BASE Supply!

Never A Sandwich Short Of

A photo of a group of kids outside, each standing on a Banwood branded scooter.

Outdoor Adventure Time

Flowing on from your perfect picnic, aside from the scrummy food, it’s well worth packing plenty of fun and games for moments not spent eating. And wouldn’t you know it, we’ve got the ideas as well as the gear. For starters, the Liewood Tyra Kids Toy Wagon is the ultimate accessory for any outdoor adventure. It’s big enough to hold all of your little ones’ outdoor essentials, like the Park Social One-for-One Soccer Ball to kick around. And if zooming around is on the agenda, Banwood’s classic scooter is a must. Both the soccer ball and scooter are guaranteed to bring HOURS of fun, and *bonus* they’ll also add a pop of colour to outdoor playtime. With these outdoor games and toys, your kids will be laughing and having a blast all summer long!

Sunscreen Not Included

Well there you go, holiday boredom busted! In this blog post, we’ve shared four fun and engaging outdoor activities that are perfect for kids during the summer months. From splashing around in the pool to building sandcastles at the beach to having a picnic in the park, these activities offer a variety of ways for kids to enjoy the warm weather and have some fun. We’ve also included a selection of games and toys that are perfect for each activity, so your kids can make the most of their summertime adventures. So whether your little ones are looking to cool off in the pool, have some beachside fun, or enjoy a picnic in the park, these activities have got you covered. Make the most of the summer season with these kid-approved outdoor activities and games!