Lamp lovers get on in here, this one’s for you. We too are lighting obsessives, and have quite the weak spot for portable varieties. How great would it be if all lamps were portable? See ya tangled cords, hello freedom and glowing ambience wherever I please.

When it comes to picking the portable lamp of your dreams the world’s your oyster, there’s just so much choice! Knowing where to start is tricky, so we took it upon ourselves to do the searching for you (aren’t we lovely?). Kicking things off with an edit dedicated to little ones, we’ve picked the very best portable night lights for babies, toddlers, and kids! Without giving too much away, expect plenty of cute shapes, kid-friendly materials, and of course, lights galore!

In no particular order, may we present:

The Best Portable Lamps & Night Lights for Kids

The Marset Follow Me Lamp sitting on a bench

Follow Me Lamp


She’s an icon, she’s a legend, and she is the moment. Introducing the lamp that needs no introduction, it’s the Follow Me Lamp by Spanish design house, MARSET. This little beauty was our first ever portable night light lamps, and has been gracing kids rooms around Australia for years. This mushroom-like design has an adjustable head allowing you to subtly direct the way the light shines. It also has three brightness settings, a handle for going places, and a brass-button detail.

Two LIEWOOD Samuel Night Lights hanging on a KRISTINA DAM STUDIO Coat Rack

Samuel Night Lamp


Cuteness alert, but that’s nothing new when we’re talking about something/anything designed by the legendary LIEWOOD design house. But there’s something extra special when it comes to the “SAMUEL”. Its extra long silicone handle and warm ambient glow makes it a great portable night light for nursing – one you can carry with you from room to room. And don’t get us started on those cute little half-moon bear ears!

The OSC Mountain Night Light sitting on a platform

Mountain Lamp


Bet ya didn’t expect to see a snow-capped mountain in the edit, but here we are and I hope you’re pleasantly surprised. The Mountain Lamp is a great night light for a nursery thanks to its playful appearance, and soft ambient glow. Switching them on is where the fun starts, give the peak a squeeze and the top emits a warm glow. It has two brightness settings, as well as a set-and-forget timer function, making it a great night light for toddlers learning to sleep on their own. And did we mention it comes in three colours? Mint, blush, and grey.

A hand holding the OSC Capsule Night Light

Capsule Lamp


To finish our edit, meet the lamp that broke the internet (if you haven’t been acquainted already), the Capsule Lamp by OSC. Yep, OSC feature twice in this edit because they seriously get kids lighting. The Capsule Lamp shines when it comes to functionality, and even though this little design, is well, little, it packs HEAPS of really useful features: a magnetic cradle that can be attached to the wall, low-light auto-on function, integrated rechargeable battery, easy portability… the list goes on. And they’re only $33; a cost effective piece of lighting design and a great portable night light to keep at the ready.