Ferm LIVING sure know how to put a collection together. But you know what they’re equally good at? Their copywriting. It’s true – read through their warm and gorgeous AW22 introduction.

Surrounded by personal treasures collected throughout a lifetime, our homes act as personal havens that warmly shield us from the outside world and grant us precious moments of reflection. Looking around at the objects we have chosen to surround ourselves with, we realise that they act as tools to bring out our deepest memories and emotions, making us long for casual dinners and late evenings with the people we love.

RIGHT? This collection can’t hit Aussie shores soon enough! Until that day comes, read on for a peek at some of the ferm LIVING newness headed this way.

Pebble & Cairn Grinders

The Cairn & Pebble spice mills are giving smooth curves and sculptural details – which is honestly all we’ve ever wanted in our salt and pepper grinders! These beautiful sculptural statements are made from FSC™ certified ash with a carbonised finish, perfect for any and all kitchen counters and dining tables.

Ripple Serving Bowls

You can never get enough ripple, so we’re all for a new addition to ferm’s ICONIC glassware range. Just like the champagne saucers, long glasses, verrines, and carafes – these delicate serving bowls are made from delicate glass, mouth-blown into a rippled mould by glass making craftspeople. Oh, and they come in a convenient set of four!

Torno Candles

We’ll be completely honest, a set of sculptural candles were not what we expected to see from ferm LIVING, but it kinda makes sense. Twinkling candle light plays such a significant part in Scandi culture, so it only seems logical for the design team to include a set in the AW release. And if you’re like us, and have a little hesitation towards burning your favourite candles, that’s totes fine. Plop ’em in an unstyled corner of the home and *bam* instant vignette.

Moire Vase

We’ve been eagerly awaiting for the 3D printing phenomenon to hit the interiors world – we’re glad that our first experience is via ferm LIVING. The vase is made by 3D printing layers of clay, which forms a subtle yet mesmerising pattern. And if you were wondering, which we’ll assume you are, its name is derived from the French word for ’watered’. It’s the perfect home for your favourite flowers, or styled simply as a sculptural piece.

Fountain Vase

If you went googoo for the Fountain Centrepiece, you’ll definitely want to take a gander at the matching vase. Sculptural, with soft pleats throughout, it features a smooth matte exterior and a clear glossy glaze on the inside, perfect for an abundance of stems and flowers. The way we see it, the Fountain range is a styling basic that can turn the barest of spaces into something beyond expectation.

Lay Cushion

Shout out to the lads and lasses in the New Zealand wool industry for their contribution to this stunner. Ferm LIVING’s Lay cushion features gorgeous high pile in abstract and organic shapes, bringing a beautiful burst of texture to bedrooms and living spaces alike.

Forma Wool Rug

Organic, fluid, and all kinds of delicious, the Forma is the asymmetric rug your home has been begging for. Perfectly tufted from soft New Zealand wool, it’s long-ish pile will feel incredible in between your bare toes. Big plus: its muted monochromatic palette makes it a cinch to style.

An edited selection of Ferm LIVING’s AW22 Collection will be arriving at Designstuff in mid 2023.