Pop quiz time! Test your Ferm LIVING knowledge against these 5 (relatively easy) questions…

Think you know Ferm LIVING? Think again buckeroo! With an incredible expansive range featuring gorgeous design across all manner of categories, it’s nearly impossible to know every single detail about the Scandinavian brand. But that’s fine, and the not knowing is what keep things interesting, but it never hurts to test you knowledge.

We’ve put together five (relatively) easy questions for you to take a crack at. Good luck. Have fun. Enjoy!

Question 1

CJH Studio‘s House Fin features what iconic wall mounted rack?

A. Herman Wall Clothes Airer
B. Pujo Wall Coat Rack
C. Hanga Oversized Wall Hook
D. Liba Mounted Coat Rack

And the answer is…

B. Pujo Wall Coat Rack

Slim, captivating, and incredibly functional, Ferm LIVING’s Pujo Wall Rack can be used in all kinds of settings including the bathroom. In addition to the wall rack, the Pujo range also includes a hanging ceiling-mounted rack, and free-standing coat rack.

Question 2

After their AW21 collection launch, the Orb Watering Can is now available in how many colours?

A. 2
B. 3
C. 4
D. 5

And the answer is…

B. 3

The iconic Ferm LIVING Orb Watering Can is now available in three gorgeous colours, the latest being a super shiny reflective polished mirror. Which one’s your fave?

Question 3

The sling of the Desert Lounge Chair is made from…

A. Outdoor specified canvas blend
B. Leftovers from the fast fashion industry
C. Recyled plastic bottles
D. A linen weave

And the answer is…

C. Recycled Bottles

Who knew 53 recycled plastic bottles could look so damn good? Or be so comfortable to sit in. Seriously, the Ferm LIVING Desert Lounge Chair really ups the outdoor sitting game. You’ll struggle to leave this incredible lounger.

Question 4

Ferm LIVING titled their AW21 Collection…

A. A Treasure Trove of Scandinavian Design
B. Damn Fine Homewares
C. Seasonal Treasures
D. Space To Feel Comfortably You

And the answer is…

C. Seasonal Treasures

Ferm LIVING’s AW21 collection, Seasonal Treasures, brings awareness to the soul of the home, with a range built around meaning and care. It strives to bring friends and family together, to share special moments and enjoy the company of each other.

Question 5

The founder of Ferm LIVING is…

A. Christina Fedders
B. Hans Christian Andersen
C. Kasper Rønn
D. Trine Andersen

And the answer is…

D. Trine Andersen

Lover of geometric patterns, subtle whimsy, and above all, hidden but charming details, Trine Andersen is the creative brain and founder of Ferm LIVING. Her background in graphic design greatly impacts her design approach and process, which, as you can see, results in some absolutely incredible collections.