The Notes Of Spring, Ferm LIVING’s latest catalogue, is a celebration of warmer weather – the feeling of sun on your skin, humidity in the air, and clear blue skies. And even though we, in Australia, are looking down the barrel of some significantly cooler months ahead, that doesn’t mean we should exclude ourselves from the festivities (and some seriously beautiful design).

You should know us well enough by now that we get quite a bit of enjoyment out of a new season drop, especially when it’s Ferm LIVING. And we’re willing to bet you sit in the same boat. So you’ll be delighted to know that even though the Notes Of Spring is only pre-season, it’s filled with plenty to look forward to, particularly if you’re fond of spending time outdoors. There’s plenty to see, and we’re certain your itching to dive in. So we’ll stop wasting time and bomb dive straight into it!

Desert Sofa Series

The Desert range grew throughout 2020 and 2021, with the trend continuing throughout 2022. Meet the family of Desert Sofa’s, the perfect companion for afternoons spent sunbathing, reading, or relaxing poolside with a mojito. Minimal in design, we predict this series will prove to be a hit, thanks to its versatility and ability to blend into all manner of styles and themes. And though we are yet to sit in one, it’s safe to assume they’ll be as comfy as, if not more than, the Desert lounge range (which, by the way, is an absolute treat for the toosh).

These precisely angled, weather-proof outdoor seats will be available in 1, 2, and 3 seater configurations; a comfy and inviting solution for any outdoor space.

Plant Box, Bright Blue

This is probably the biggest, boldest, most in-your-face pop of colour we’re ever going to experience from a Ferm LIVING release. The bright blue, dare we say Yves Klein blue, plant box is an eye-catcher and total statement maker. Perhaps it’s a teaser of things to come, as many brands like to experiment with new materials and colours in their pre-season launches. Or maybe it’s a one off. Either way, we’re so glad to see a huge jump from what we’d consider the Ferm LIVING norm, and are holding our breath to see what the following collection brings… (a bright blue Meridian lamp please!)

Ando Pot

Rough, tactile, and in the most beautiful shade of terracotta orange, the new Ando pot is helping you live out your desert oasis dreams. Its big bulbous form sets this design apart from Ferm LIVING’s past pots and planters, which have favoured straight architectural lines or rigid industrial forms. It’s quite refreshing to see a move towards something more organic and reflective of the brand’s current design direction *cough* The Pond Mirror *cough*.

Level Coffee Table

Everyone fell in love with the Level side table, so it’s no surprise to see a larger coffee table in this release. Easily recognisable by its asymmetric silhouette, it presents as much as a decorative sculpture as it does a functional piece of furniture. Keen eyes will hone in on the frame being a single continuous line; an elegant, yet understated detail we love to see.