Clean, honest, and sculptural: three words that immediately spring to mind upon mentioning the name Kristina Dam Studio. Over the past decade, the design house has successfully maintained this association, with their SS22 release hitting the mark perfectly.

About once every 6 months, we wake up and greet the morning with little extra pep. Marked down in our calendars, it’s a day where Kristina Dam Studio – the design house known for it’s beautiful sculptural minimalism – releases their biannual collection. It’s exciting because each seasonal launch is absolutely exquisite, with design details so beautifully subtle, they can only be described as visual poetry. It’s a brand architects, stylists, and home decorators visit for that special something to not just fill a gap, but to cherish and showcase for years to come.

SS22 marks the design house’s 10 year anniversary, and is filled with signature pieces that blur the line between utilitarian and sculpture. It’s a gorgeous collection filled with unexpected materials, refined architectural lines, and a first-time dabble into the bathware category.

Dowel Hook

We love our hooks, but these ones hit different – in a good way, like a really good way. Taking a step back, it’s possible to admire these for more than the function they provide. The experimental pairing of walnut with stainless steel somehow proves to be a complete success – the contrast between the two materials is an unexpected delight!

Marble Bottle Tray

We know the question you’re about to ask, so we’ll get to it first. The name of that stunning marble is “Desert Storm”. And yes, we’re as obsessed as you are. The bottle tray plays a visionary role in the Kristina Dam Studio bathroom range, bringing together various elements to create a streamlined look. It’s like the perfect pair of earrings to complement an outfit.

Japanese Tray Table

Traditional Japanese design has often been a reference point and source of inspiration for Kristina Dam Studio, with this series of trays and tables being a prime example. Reminiscent of Edo period incense boxes, each piece is characterised by the classic Scandinavian principles of craftsmanship, materiality, and function. Used as a table or bench – with the addition of a matching cognac nubuck leather cushion – the versatility of this design is the definition of a Kristina Dam Studio piece.

Dowel Mirror

Memorable collections from Kristina Dam Studio have often included a mirror in some shape or form. The Rotating Mirror, as an example, was one of the earlier mirrors produced by the design house, and went on to be a core piece in the brand’s repertoire. We’re willing to bet the new Dowel Mirror will follow suit. It’s simple design – a single piece of mirrored glass surrounded by a steel frame and held up by a walnut plug – is a bathroom classic in the making, produced in three sizes to bring an architectural touch to any space.

Collector Dining Chair

Chairs are a staple for serious design houses, with exemplary examples going on to become a defining piece in the brand’s history – Gubi chair, anyone? The Collector Dining Chair is poised to be just that for Kristina Dam Studio. Quite the indulgence, the studio adopted a design process rooted in silhouette development. The result is a piece with strong sweeping curves and powerful legs, resulting in a solid and grounded form.

Frame Sculpture

Every collection has a hero piece, something that champions the brand’s essence. In the case of Kristina Dam Studio’s SS22 release, it’s the Frame Sculpture. Designed as a commemorative gesture to the brand’s 10 year anniversary, it’s an experimental piece, with the view that its use is totally open to interpretation. It could be a side table, a plinth, or a garden sculpture. It encapsulates the well known expression – art is in the eye of the beholder.