Tara Wokulski is the founder and owner of Coco Camellia, a Melbourne based interior design studio. Tara is well known for her gorgeous styling, which often incorporates soft pastel colours, and iconic floral arrangements. She takes a mean photo too!

Ask any professional stylist for their go-to styling prop, and without a doubt, their answer will be a good vase. Styled with flowers, on their own, or in a cluster, they’re a fantastic go-to when decorating and beautifying a space. We teamed up with one of our faves, Tara of Coco Camellia, and created this quick and easy guide to vase styling. So give these 5 tips and tricks a try yourself. They’re fool-proof, we promise!

Colour Coordinated

When I style, I’m always looking to create something that’s calming and soft on the eyes. And I really like to work this way when it comes to florals. I recommend keeping things simple, and working in tints and tones of a very specific palette; match your vase to the flowers its holding. You’ll find the end result to be clean and harmonious. Also who doesn’t love a tonal moment?

Exaggerated Silhouettes

I love the ridiculousness of an arrangement that completely changes the shape of a vase. There’s something so sculptural about it. You can see here I’ve taken a vase with a very structured silhouette, and warped it into something completely different with the arrangement. It’s dramatic, it looks alive, and I think it looks great!

Perfect Pairs

Styling, to me, is all about communication. Telling a story visually, through decor pieces, props, and accessories may seem a bit abstract, but it’s actually pretty easy to achieve. My secret tip is to work within collections. Design houses and brands release seasonal ranges, with products within those ranges working well together by default. Like these Kristina Dam vases. They look great together, because they were designed together! 

Casually Wild

When I’m out of time, and in search of a quick and easy arrangement, I will always resort to wildflowers. Very little needs to be done when working with these babes; they’re wild and unmanaged growth looks gorgeous when left as is. Just give them a little trim, pop them in the vase, and BAM, you’ve levelled up your space in what… 10 seconds?