We’re so incredibly excited to introduce the SS23 collection, Notable Moments, by ferm LIVING. Inspired by the contrasts of life, this new line seamlessly blends art and design to create beautiful, authentic, and distinctive pieces.

The collection features furniture crafted from high-quality materials like wood, metal, glass, clay, and jute, with each piece boasting a unique silhouette and surprising details. Traditional craftsmanship meets modern innovation with a mix of hand-shaped forms and 3D printing.

Each design celebrates the meeting of opposites, where the utilitarian and decorative intersect, and the restrained and imaginative come together in harmony. High-gloss finishes contrast with matte, refined elements mix with raw materials, and soft textures meet hard surfaces.

The collection’s furniture is influenced by Scandinavian design, with streamlined silhouettes paired with dark wood for an unexpected twist. Each piece focuses on comfort and practicality, like armrests that double as shelves or unique feet on angular armchairs.

Mouth blown glass adds an artful touch to the collection, with functional pieces that blur the line between art and design. Tactile fabrics invite touch and play, while ornamental objects highlight the inherent beauty of the materials they’re made from.

This collection is easy on the eyes and effortlessly fits into any setting, whether you’re in a decadent space or a more modest home. It celebrates the art of craft and the simple pleasures of life, inviting you to enjoy myriad moments in style.