Inspired by the sun’s gentled rays, diffused by the leaves of a tree, interior designer and stylist, Anna Pavlovskaya, brings a golden radiance to this Moscow Apartment. Named the Cherry Orchard project, this meticulously styled space uses Massimo Copenhagen’s range of zone-defining rugs to bring out everything the home has to offer.

Cherry Orchard Project: Anna Pavlovskaya
Location: Moscow, Russia
Photography: Mikhail Loskutov

Filled with cascading natural light, the 170 square metre family home could be likened to a piece of (livable) art. “I always think of the atmosphere, about the emotion,” says Anna, reflecting on the project’s interior. Inspired by the home’s scheme of limestone, American walnut veneer, and timber floor panels, the designer developed a palette of texture and colour to enhance what was already there.

The space can be described as visually stunning. The considered layering of wallpaper, fabrics, and objects forge a subdued opulence to enhance the apartment’s natural flow. “We decided to soften the contours of objects so their rounded shapes work in contrast with the existing straight lines,” says Anna. Custom furniture, upholstered in luxe textured fabrics, sit alongside vintage pieces to draw balance between modern sophistication and timeless character. The aim was to avoid names and brands and instead focus on uncovering suitable lines, scales, and forms.

Though the home appeared spacious and expansive, the open plan design required specific consideration to zoning. Despite the stunning chocolatey timber flooring, there were no visual or physical boundaries to define the purpose and use of each space. Alternative cues and devices were required to help make sense of the proposed floor plan.

A series of custom rugs proved to be the perfect solution, and saw Anna working closely with the team at Massimo Copenhagen. A brand with over 20 years of experience in the industry, their knowledge and range greatly assisted in achieving the desired outcome. Particular attention was paid to the selection of sizing and materiality, to ensure correct zoning and durability needs were met.

Massimo CPH’s Sumace featured magnificently in the dining and living spaces of the home. The custom sized rug brought the two zones together, amplifying the natural flow of the room without detracting from the overall ambience. Hand knotted from 100% hemp, it provided a naturally textural element and provided the durability required to withstand the high foot traffic.

The bedroom features Massimo CPH’s Space Surface. Made from a blend of high quality New Zealand wool, and bamboo fibres, producing an incredibly soft finish – perfect for bare toes in the morning. The blend is incredibly durable and gives off a luxurious and opulent sheen.

Through a considered approach to layering, and the correct implementation of rugs, the Cherry Orchard Project is a timeless space, with a natural and logical flow.