Welcome back lamp lovers, to our second installment of our VERY BEST portable lamps. If you missed our first post, you can find The Best Portable Lamps For Kids here. Today we’re pivoting away from the kiddos and focusing in on the grown ups.

The hand-picked selection below really is the best of the best, and here’s why. Each of the four portable lamps have been chosen for its nicheness, where each provides gorgeous lighting for a specific situation. You’re about to discover our favourite outdoor solar lights, portable floor lamps, rechargeable desk lamps, and bedside tealight lamps; consider it a smorgasbord of portable lamps in Australia.

So in no particular order, may we present:

The Best Portable Lamps For Grown Ups

The Eva Solo Tea Light illuminating the stack of books it's on top of

Tealight Portable Lamp


Nothing creates mood like the flicker of a burning candle… until now. Enter EVA SOLO and their Rechargeable Portable Lamp. Set inside a glass dome, the glow of the LED bulb inside flickers realistically as if there were an actual tealight candle burning inside! It’s the perfect little ambience lamp that provides the most gorgeous sense of cosiness through hygge lighting.

The Made By Pen SWAY Floor Lamp in a living room. The lamp was designed by an Australia industrial designer, Nick Rennie

Sway Floor Portable Lamp


Can we all collectively agree the “Sway” is one of the coolest floor lamps to make its way into the market? Need proof? Sure thing. For starters, this is actually an outdoor portable lamp. Yep, that globe up the top is actually made of a translucent silicone, so it’s safe from harsh outdoor elements. Secondly, its design is truly one of a kind. You can have it rock and roll around, or place it on a stand for stability. And finally, this portable floor lamp has not one, not two, not three, but FOUR different settings: bright + cool, bright + warm, ambient + cool , and ambient + warm. Omg and of course, it’s the fact that it’s totally portable! It really is the light for every situation.

NEW WORKS' Kizu Table Lamp illuminating a bookshelf it is sat atop of

Kizu Portable Table Lamp


A portable lamp list ain’t a portable lamp list without mentioning the Kizu by NEW WORKS. I mean just look at it… it’s art shaped as a lamp. That marble base is delicious and the hemisphere globe has three brightness settings. Perfect in the bedroom, this portable bedside lamp can be set to a low ambient glow for easing yourself out of a stressful day. It’s also fab when used as a portable desk lamp, as you can set it to be nice and bright to keep your work visible and your eyes at attention.

All three of ROSENDAHL's Soft Spot Solar lamps. Each is switched on and glowing a soft golden yellow colour, illuminating a nude-peach coloured plinth.

Soft Spot Solar Portable Lamp


And rounding off our portable lamp edit is this bulbous beauty from your friends at ROSENDAHL. The Soft Spot is an outdoor solar light with all the bells and whistles to make it conveniently portable. It can be juiced up via USB or through solar energy aka the sun. The lantern portion is made from plastic to withstand the elements, whilst the handle is constructed from a sturdy bronzed steel.