March 8th was International Women’s Day, marking one of the most important days of the year. The day marks an opportunity to raise awareness and celebrate the inspiring acts of women who are pushing boundaries and kicking goals, day in day out.

To be completely honest, everyday is an opportunity to recognise the achievements of all who identify as women. And with that, it’s absolutely important to note the fight for true equality is constantly being fought, regardless of the day.

Within the design industry – one we’re quite familiar with – we’ve seen astronomical growth in terms of female representation. Female driven design houses and brands have come to define the world of interiors by challenging norms, fearless experimentation, and advocating change. The women below such examples, one’s we’re immensely proud to represent at Designstuff.

Discover their stories below.

Trine Andersen


ferm LIVING founder Trine Andersen is an example of how taking matters into your own hands pays dividends – proof that with dedication, anything is possible. Having worked in advertising agency up until 2005, Trine decided to go solo and founded her own one-woman agency. That same year, she bought a house with her husband but when she started decorating it, she realised she was not able to find the right wallpaper – and decided to make her own.

After exhibiting her designs at a trade fair in Denmark, she had one concept printed, and so began ferm LIVING. “It was scary and interesting at the same time,” explains Tine, “And everything went really well! Since then, ferm LIVING has developed from season to season.”

Kristina Dam

Kristina Dam Studio

From humble beginnings selling limited edition illustrations, Kristina Dam has quickly become a favourite amongst Scandinavian design stores, magazines and homes. A graduate of a graduate of the acclaimed Royal Danish School of Fine Arts, her stunning designs reimagine the norms of minimalism by blending refined decor and furniture pieces with highly sculptural elements.

The growing design house now releases two seasonal collections every year. Natural materials, with an emphasis on high levels of detail and excellent craftsmanship define the range, and make every release a hit with lovers of Scandinavian design.

Dr Natasha Malkov

Barkly Basics

Having left behind a career as a scientist to start her design journey, Dr. Natasha Malkov’s story shows us inspiration can come at any time. It all started with a moment of mindfulness at the kitchen sink and a simple question – why is my kitchen sponge still yellow?

“From that moment, I decided I had enough of my ugly, unsightly, bright yellow kitchen sponge that I was constantly hiding underneath the sink,” she says. “I decided to re-design the kitchen sponge into a product that was not only functional and eco, but also looked great sitting on my sink.” And so BARKLY BASICS was born. Fast forward to today, and her designer kitchen sponges, hand wash, dish wash and kitchen accessories are a Designstuff best seller!

Belinda Alexander

Base Supply

The brainchild of Melbourne founder, Belinda Alexander, Base Supply is the answer to a constant struggle – finding stylish and sustainable bags and shoppers for everyday living. After finding herself constantly packing – and repacking – for days out and weekends away, Belinda decided she needed to create a base for her basics.

So, along with an amazing team, she developed the first collection of base bags, to help simplify life without compromising on style. Her beautiful and practical designs complete the ultimate collection of travel bags, grocery and cooler bags, and accessories for active lifestyles.