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Solid State

Solid State was founded with a specific goal of developing a range of fragrances for men with a particular focus on convenience and functionality. After considering the day-to-day needs of men against women, it was decided the conventional spray cologne bottles would not answer the brief effectively. After twelve months of research and development, a solid wax based fragrance was conceived and brought to market.
Solid Cologne is a portable and versatile alternative to traditional spray colognes. The solidified nature of these fragrances allow for greater durability, longevity and convenience. Our fragrances use a wax medium, which means they can stay small enough to carry wherever you go. Made from an range of naturally sourced essential oils and fragrance ingredients, these colognes last longer on the skin unlike others which may be diluted with water or alcohol. Solid cologne is completely shatter proof and airport security will have no issues letting this onto any flight worldwide. Check out what all the fuss about the solid cologne movement is about…

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